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E-scooter Use Booming in the UK

It's no secret that the rising gas prices and the cost of living are causing big problems for people in the UK, and the price of fuel means that many people are searching for cost-effective and convenient alternatives to cars.

Electric scooters are fast taking over electric bikes as the go-to form of transportation - due to their compact size and low cost. The petrol crisis means these amazing devices are finally getting their well-deserved place in the spotlight; and with legalisation imminent in the UK, within this parliamentary session, demand is only going to increase further.

At The Electric Scooter Store we've seen soaring sales since the price of fuel has risen, and we're delighted that people are starting to realise that e-scooters are a long-term alternative to the less sustainable and more expensive car.


Why are fuel prices rocketing out of control?


While the UK has been through many economic difficulties in the past, the high fuel prices' root cause is the Covid-19 pandemic, which hit the world hard in 2020. As we went into lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus, fuel prices fell quickly, and energy companies stopped drilling.

Predictably, this would inevitably cause a spiral effect when society began to get back to normal. The demand for fuel returned to its normal levels, and the shortage meant that the price per gallon continued to increase.


Why Are People Choosing Electric Scooters Over Cars?


When most people seek a new mode of transportation, their first stop will be the used car market. Unfortunately, the cost of buying even a used car in the UK has dramatically increased in the last year. Some second-hand vehicles are costing more than a brand-new model, threatening to price some motorists off the road.

Then, factor in the fuel cost, and you'll see why e-scooters are taking front stage in the transportation market.

There are so many benefits of e-scooters, and at The Electric Scooter Store we're seeing a surge of people looking to save money.


The Cost of Living Is Increasing Everywhere


While rising fuel prices are the most noticeable casualty of the pandemic, the cost of living everywhere has increased, primarily due to the ceasing of business operations and problems with trading.

As consumers soon learned, there were shortages in items that most would take for granted (remember the toilet roll and pasta shortage?!) But even after the pandemic, when society returns to normal, the cost of shipping correlates to more expensive consumer products.


They're More Sustainable


E-scooters run off lithium-ion batteries, which are much more environmentally friendly than petrol and diesel. Not only that, but it's much more cost-effective and convenient to charge an e-scooter than to fill a car with fuel, which is why so many people choose them over cars.

If you care about the environment, electric scooters are one of the best ways to be responsible while still getting where you need to be. Let's not forget that while most of the world was in lockdown, global carbon emissions fell considerably. Much of this was attributed to fewer cars and motorbikes on the road.


E-scooters Are More Cost-Effective


While electric scooters are an initial investment, they cost much less than cars. The average new car in the UK costs £20,000, while you can buy a new e-scooter for a fraction of the price. The Electric Scooter Stores most popular model, the Xiaomi Pro 2, costs £419.99, and offers a maximum speed of 17 miles per hour, with a range of 15.5 miles.

When you remove the fuel cost, servicing, and the dreaded annual MOT, you'll understand why e-scooters are proving so popular.


Easy to Store and Carry


Electric scooters are great if you want to get outdoors more because you can ride in the fresh air and use them manually if you'd prefer to get more exercise. We all know that outdoor exercise is one of the most effective ways of improving both our state of mind and physical health. On top of this, e-scooters can be stored in your house or flat because they fold away, which means no need to pay for a parking space or an expensive congestion charge.


The Impact of Petroleum on The Environment


It's no secret that our planet is burning, and petroleum is one of the leading pollutants.

The combustion of fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) releases large quantities of carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases) into the atmosphere, which has a wide range of environmental impacts. The full extent of these impacts is not yet known, but they include rising global temperatures, ocean acidification, and a variety of other impacts on weather, natural hazards, agriculture, and more, many of which are likely to increase into the future.


Our Vision


At The Electric Scooter Store, we live and breathe e-scooters because we know they're a highly under-rated alternative to more expensive forms of transportation. As e-scooters are less expensive to run, more environmentally friendly, and a compact solution to the traditional vehicle, we're confident that their popularity will only continue to grow.

So, now you know more about the potential savings on fuel and the positive contribution you'll be making to the environment, why not ditch the car, buy an e-scooter and join the electric transport revolution.