by The Electric Scooter Store -

Why Electric Scooters are the answer to your post pandemic travel plans

Whilst the clouds seem to have parted, and we appear to be leaving lockdown behind us, there could actually be a few aspects of the time we’ve spent living through a global pandemic that we might want to consider hanging on to. Maybe a more rigorous handwashing routine, or the satisfaction of growing your own vegetables, or perhaps most importantly more respect for each other’s personal space. Over the course of lockdown many of us have found solace in the great outdoors and not only have we hopefully began to appreciate it more, but we’ve also come to realise the benefits of having our own space. But there are, of course, times at which we will struggle to find room to breathe. On the tube perhaps. Or at the back of a packed bus. Travel has increasingly become more a of a group exercise. But does it have to be? We say no. We propose (unsurprisingly) that Electric Scooters are the answer!


Many major cities have already been adapted to facilitate cycling as part of various green schemes, and with laws regarding electric scooter travel on the roads currently under review, perhaps the freedom of a little space on our commute is one aspect of the pandemic that we should take forward as we return to our much anticipated, new normal. If anything, the pandemic has put mounting pressure on councils to continue to expand upon green recovery projects that are already in place and to formulate and introduce new ones. Additionally with e-scooter demand projected to rise by a remarkable 175% over the next quarter, transport freedom in a post pandemic world, might just come in the form of an Electric Scooter.


And yes, we can hear those among you who are oiling your brakes, patching your punctures and arriving at work in a sweaty puddle, declaring that your trusty bicycle is still the pinnacle of commuter transport. We wouldn’t want to dispute that they still have their place, but when was the last time you got to work on your bike without breaking a sweat? When was the last time you tried to get your road bike onto a packed tube? Electric Scooters provide an effortless, stress free, contact free alternative to taking on the city. But of course, many of us these days are blessed with an easy commute and intervals spent on trains, buses or tubes are unavoidable. No problem, fold your e-scooter up, sling it over your shoulder or tuck it under your arm, and join the crowd (if you must!) Oh and we almost forgot to mention. When the weekend finally comes, you’d be hard pressed to find a more exhilarating or faster route out of the city and into the wide open air of the countryside; something I think we’ve all come to appreciate a little more as we roll ever onwards into our new normal!