About Us

We set up the Electric Scooter Store to provide a simple, affordable and reliable UK outlet, for a product that we believe is the future of eco-friendly personal transport. The future is now, and it's electric.

The Electric Scooter Store

The busy streets of Tel Aviv provided the spark that led to the founding of the Electric Scooter Store. We saw first-hand how the electric scooter was being employed as an effective, adaptable, and clearly popular approach to limiting the negative effects of mass transportation on the environment. But of course, the thing we noticed first was just how much fun they looked! Sensing that this was a sustainable, practical and most importantly exciting product that the UK could, and frankly should, benefit from we set about building The Electric Scooter Store around a few simple fundamentals:

All of our scooters were chosen because they are produced with the highest build quality and provided courtesy of authentic, trustworthy and industry leading brands only.

We aim to provide the gold standard in personal customer service and communication, with honesty, clarity and speedy delivery times.

From your initial enquiry, to purchase, to aftercare we want to guide you through every step so that we can help find the perfect electric scooter for you.

  • UK Stocks

  • Expert Advice

  • UK Warranty

  • Fast Shipping

  • Same Day Collection


We’re driven by the belief that electricity will fuel the future and we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of the green transport revolution.  We see it as our responsibility to guide and enact positive and meaningful change, and to facilitate your involvement in tackling climate change, by providing a viable and reliable personal travel alternative. But it’s not just for the commuter. Electric scooters are built for speed, and as everyone knows, nothing is more exciting than speed. If you think can think of a more exhilarating way of saving the world, we’re all ears. Join us on our journey, and become a leader in the green transport revolution.

Electric Scooter Safety and Legislation

Nothing comes before the safety of our customers which means that we only stock fully tested and approved e-scooters which have all been independently assessed by our team of expert technicians. If a product is unsafe, you won’t find it in our store.

Despite EU approval, UK law means that electric scooters cannot currently be used on public roads or pavements. Although inroads are currently being made to address and hopefully overturn this position, we feel that it’s important to let all of our customers know of the current legality in regard to our product’s usage.